Where Can I Have My Baby?

Your decision about where you will have your baby will be influenced by your feelings about each model of care, and also by where you live, your health and your baby's health and any...Read more

The vast majority of Australian women have their babies in one of Australia's public or private hospitals. The figures for 2011 which are our most up-to-date stats, show that 59% women who...Read more

Birth Centres are small maternity units run by midwives, providing a more home-like setting for birth. They are managed by and are generally located within public maternity hospitals, but...Read more

Planned Home Birth is a choice made by a small but growing number of Australian women, who are cared for by 1 or 2 known midwives throughout their pregnancy, birth and postnatal period...Read more

There are some needs that women in labour have that are the same for women anywhere in the world. These needs are dictated by women's physiology both as a mammal and as a human being. They...Read more