What to Expect

Pre-labour is the period before labour begins when the woman experiences irregular uterine tightenings or contractions which soften and thin the cervix , a process called effacement . These...Read more

In Early Labour the cervix begins to dilate from closed to 4-6 centimetres dilated. The difference between Early Labour and the previous phase of Pre-Labour is that the contraction pattern...Read more

In Established Labour, the cervix opens up from 4-6 centimetres to 7-8 centimetres. Contractions become longer in length (50 seconds +), more intense and closer together. This is caused by...Read more

This is the phase between Established Labour and the Birth , where the cervix dilates from 7 or 8 centimetres throught to 10 centimetres or full dilatation. Contractions are at their most...Read more

Once the woman is known to be 10 centimetres or fully dilated or she has an overwhelming urge to push, the Birth Stage or (Second Stage) has begun. The urge to push is triggered by the baby...Read more

The first hour after the birth is a highly significant time for the new parents and the baby. The woman's body releases lifetime high levels of the hormones involved in mothering, bonding...Read more